Kill Me Now!

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The author spends his time trying to find the ONE, his soulmate, that special someone that he will spend the rest of his life with. Where is she hiding? Have they crossed paths before? Is she out there? While searching for Ms. Right, the author goes looking for love and gets into the strangest...

Kill Me Now!


What is the problem with spooning?

The problem with sponing

Do you know what spooning is? What is the problem with spooning? Listen on and you will learn about the problem with spooning or some of them! What is Spooning? For those of you who do not know what spooning is, it is a type of cuddle. In spooning you have the Little Spoon, the one in the front, is for the smaller partner and is often considered emasculating, and usually will fall to the feminine partner. Unless you are …

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Mrs Right

Mrs right

As you realized from my previous post, I got married. Having lived with my bride for seven months before the wedding, I thought that nothing would change. Boy, was I wrong! I spent all my life looking for Mrs Right only to find that her first name was Always. My good friend Ed would probably be rubbing his hands together saying things like, “Heh, heh, I told you so. You should have listened to me!” I would add other things that …

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My friends

My friends are great or are they? I have been dating a delightful woman for a few months and the pressure was mounting, from her family , for a commitment. I can stand pressure, I am OK with pressure, but what commitment do they want? I understand, they want me to live with Sharon. No problem. I guess I was wrong, that is not what they were referring to. I can still hear their yells through the telephone from the other …

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Religious weddings

I had occasion last week to hear from someone who attended an ultra orthodox religious Jewish wedding, a Haredi wedding. You really have to read this story, it is too weird to make up. I never knew that religious weddings could be so entertaining. Background In the Haredi world, there are arranged marriages. They are not really allowed to think much for themselves, they rely on their rabbi for guidance. Don’t kill the messenger, this is the way it works. So a …

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I am sorry if you missed my blog, I was in hospital. I had a huge operation and now trying to recuperate from it. Thanks for your kind wishes. I do not like hospitals. I have never understood why hospital beds are so tiny. I watch House and Grey’s Anatomy and the hospital beds there look rather comfortable. I was given a hospital bed that not only did I have to put the sides up so that I would not roll …

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