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The author spends his time trying to find the ONE, his soulmate, that special someone that he will spend the rest of his life with. Where is she hiding? Have they crossed paths before? Is she out there? While searching for Ms. Right, the author goes looking for love and gets into the strangest...

Kill Me Now!

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My friends

My friends are great or are they? I have been dating a delightful woman for a few months and the pressure was mounting, from her family , for a commitment. I can stand pressure, I am OK with pressure, but what commitment do they want? I understand, they want me to live with Sharon. No problem. I guess I was wrong, that is not what they were referring to. I can still hear their yells through the telephone from the other …

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My Soulmate

“What is a soulmate?” some may ask and others may nod knowingly having found theirs. According to Wikipedia, a soulmate (or soul mate) is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity, similarity, love, sex, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, or compatibility. In today’s world, we refer to this as  a romantic partner with an exclusive lifetime bond or maybe you can even say, “your other half”. I wrote about this subject on my other blog. You are welcome to …

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A friend of mine was talking about his wife and telling me how damn lucky I am and I was thinking how damn lucky he is to have someone who cares enough about him to even want to speak to him every day, just to yell and scream at him. It is a question of perspective.  This image shows it perfectly: I was a guest blogger this week for Lorii Abella and I wrote an article about the power of positive …

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Returned home at 2:00am, totally depleted of energy, hail stones pelting  down from the heavens and no parking spot in sight. As an atheist, can I look at the heavens and say “Give me a sign!” If I did, it would make me a hypocrite. So I looked at my Siri-less phone forlornly and lo and behold a parking spot appeared before my very eyes. I grabbed it. OK, now I have to decide, to get a taxi to my apartment or to …

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Divorce can be terrible, especially if you are a cartoon character: Cartoon taken from:

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