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The author spends his time trying to find the ONE, his soulmate, that special someone that he will spend the rest of his life with. Where is she hiding? Have they crossed paths before? Is she out there? While searching for Ms. Right, the author goes looking for love and gets into the strangest...

Kill Me Now!

iUniverse part deaux

You all know about my publishing company iUniverse? Well because I happened to open my mouth to complain they removed me from their facebook company page. I have no problem with that. My problem is that they are not paying me my royalties and emails are no longer being answered.

I gave them evidence of Kindle sales and they turned round to me and said that there were no Kindle sales. I approached Amazon on this issue and they told me to approach iUniverse. A catch-22 situation. I made a huge mistake by going with iUniverse in the first place, but in life you live and learn.


Lawrence Fisher

Lawrence is a social media enthusiast and a blogger who loves writing about dating and promoting other authors. He is also a programmer with many years of experience. Check out his book and you will laugh. Do keep in touch with him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter and on Google+. You can email him at

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  • Lawrence

    It turns out that the company and its parent company are up for sale. They did not make enough money by taking our money and not doing anything with it and then withholding sales?

  • Lawrence

    iUniverse – I see that you are often checking out my site, from the Philippines and from Indiana. I am very unhappy with the way you treated me and there is no trust between us. Just return my money to me and we will call it quits.

  • Emily Suess

    I’m planning on writing a series on my blog related to some issues I have with iUniverse (not as an author but as a former book reviewer.) Would you be willing to tell your story in an email interview to be published on my blog?

    • Lawrence


      I have no problem with that. This is a company that behaves border-line dishonestly. There are many in my group that are complaining about them.

  • Emily Suess

    You can answer the interview questions on this form.

    Please feel free to share with any other authors who might be interested.

  • Keith Ogorek

    Mr. Fischer,
    It is unfortunate that you have chosen public forums to air your grievances, when the record of emails would show we have responded to your emails and have had numerous phone conversations with you explaining your royalties. That’s because we take author royalties very seriously and especially when they are in dispute. You have claimed iUniverse has withheld royalties from you and so we conducted a thorough investigation. We have shown you all the book sales reports we have from all the vendors where your book is distributed. Subsequently, you claimed two sales through Kindle that do not show up on any sales data we have from Amazon. We asked you for a receipt or any paperwork that would show those purchases were made and you have refused to produce any evidence that those sales actually have taken place. We have paid you accurate royalties for every sale that has been reported to us. Again, if you have any paperwork that shows sales through Amazon that Amazon has not reported, please provide that and we will gladly pay you the royalty on that sale. That’s all we are asking for. Some supporting documentation so that we can have justification for paying out the royalty. We offered you the opportunity to show us if we missed anything. To date we have not received that. We look forward to receiving the support for your claims.

    • Lawrence

      Mr Ogorek

      It is unfortunate that iUniverse have behaved in such a way that my only recourse was to air out my grievances on my own blog and to gather many people who are in the same boat as myself. I am not alone. You want to hear more about my grievances, wait for an interview tomorrow and others.

      I did not claim two sales on Kindle, I claimed more as people have them. I know of six sales in Q4. I provided full information to your representative of two sales. He claims that there is no record. So in essence I can go back to those people and tell them that they can claim their money back. Unfortunately they may not be able to after six months!

      Remember that you are asking me to prove to you that there have been sales and I am asking you to prove that there have not been. You sent me some scans which I can do myself in Microsoft Word. You have not provided any truth.

      iUniverse does not answer emails when sent to them and my only recourse is public. As it stands today, I do not trust a word anyone from iUniverse says. If you say there were 12 sales, fair enough, I do not believe it. If you say your first name is Keith, I do not believe it. Not one word do I believe anymore.

      I paid $1400 for services which included three marketing services. The one included email marketing. Did copywriters do anything? No! They took my own text, until I complained. Then they did something. I specifically asked for the emails to go out on 11/11/11. It was an important date. I know that if they EVER WENT out, it was not on that date.

      As compensation for poor workmanship, I was given Social Media setup. The work that was carried out was rejected by three of the services and I redid ALL.

      Copyright was supposed to be a part of the basic service. It was never carried out.

      Because I have no faith and there is no goodwill or trust between us, just return my money to me and I will happily publish elsewhere.


  • Keith Ogorek

    Now I am really confused. In an email dated March 19, 2012 we confirmed you were granted a refund and that was put back on your credit card. We included the transaction numbers as well.

    • Lawrence

      You can be as confused as you want, that email was never sent to me and to the best of my knowledge and according to people that I did speak to at iUniverse, no credit cards are kept on file.

      I wired you guys the money. I even told your representative that I was not paying rent so that I could pay them, even though I was paying for services that I did not actually get.

      If you refunded my $1400, I will still be able to amend the interview for tomorrow.

      I was sent a royalty check of under $30. Money was held back because I am not a US citizen. Problem after problem with iUniverse.

  • Keith Ogorek

    As a test, I just sent you an email to the address we have in our records.. Please confirm receipt by replying to the email.

    • Lawrence

      I received your email and replied earlier. It is after midnight here now.

      Yes, I do want a full refund.

      However, others in my group were also offered refunds, two months ago by Eugene Hopkins and as of tonight they have not yet received them.

    • Lawrence

      I checked at my bank and they said money had come in.

      To be fair to Keith, he says that they gave me a full refund and that my bank may have taken off a sum of money in fees. I need to check in to that. I know that when I wired the money to iUniverse, I had to pay fees so that iUniverse would get the full amount.

  • Keith Ogorek

    I sent you an email yesterday asking a question to help get any outstanding issues resolved, but I never heard from you again. Your only response was, “I am on the phone”. I am trying to help, but I cannot do that if you don’t respond to emails.

  • sjhigbee

    Oh my goodness! WHAT a rotten mess… I’m so sorry that you fell into the hands of these con artists and that after slaving and crafting at a book – and paying out a LARGE sum of money in good faith, you are now forced to try and get some kind of recompense.

    Best of luck and well done for having the courage to stand up for your rights – and the large heartedness to warn the rest of us to steer clear. Hope you manage to get some sort of satisfaction.

    • Lawrence

      Well, let us be fair to them and not call them con artists. They have asked for wire details to return the money to me. It remains to be seen when it arrives.

      Truth is that they did not do the work that they should have been doing. Their claim to me was that they have 45000 books and they cannot do it. OK, that does not make me feel any better, They already kicked me off their forums.

  • Lawrence

    OK people, I was asked to provide my wire details. I did this on May 3rd, my time, which happens to be before business in Indianapolis. I received an email from Keith, Senior VP Marketing on the same day:
    I am traveling today and friday so I will be out of pocket but your paperwork is underway.
    Not sure what he meant by “out of pocket”. I will keep you all updated.

  • Lawrence

    As a further update, Keith has told me that my wire has been processed.

    What do you think people? Do you believe it?

  • Lawrence

    Yesterday I signed a book for someone, that according to iUniverse, it was never sold. Not on their system. It was purchased from the iUniverse website.

  • Lawrence

    Where do I stand today? I received a full refund and as of 29th May, my book was cancelled on the iUniverse site. iUniverse are no longer authorized to sell my book.

    So, there are some sales that I was told by Hopkins that were carried over from Q4 11 to Q1 (these are from their own website – go figure) and I know of some sales from Q1. Will I see a royalty check? Who knows?

    Life goes on

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  • Danita Clark Able

    Thank you for posting your iUniverse experience…as I was just about to do business with them! Who do you suggest I research for self-publishing?


    • Lawrence

      Hi Danita

      Many people have bad experiences with assisted companies. My experience with iUniverse was bad because I managed to catch them out. They still owe me money. You need to take into account whether you want to just have your book printed or you want it sold.

      I would suggest going via CreateSpace

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