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Dating sites

Editor's choice For the past three weeks I have been dating someone. I found her via dating sites. Before you all jump up in the air and yell, “Hallelujah, it is about time”, I can say that it was only three dates.  She just seems to disappear on me. First two dates were good and then the third date only ten days later. Despite my efforts to contact her, nada. When I do manage to catch her on the phone, she is doing something and will talk to me later. So logic dictates that she is not really interested for whatever reason. Yes I know it takes me a while to understand these things. Somehow I do not get wiser with age. Actually that is  a strange thought. To have the wisdom to say that I do not get wiser with age actually shows that I have got wiser.

So back to the drawing board and to online dating services, such as jdate.

There are three things that strike me about a person’s profile:

  • The picture – I wrote about this in my book, “Kill Me Now!” This is your calling card. It is what is going to make people stop and look at you. If you really want a person to stop and look, this has to be excellent, worth even forking out money to have it done professionally. FYI, adding a flower to your hair does not make you look more beautiful. No one is going to date the flower. The picture is also the most deceiving. When was it taken? I looked at a post of a woman and her pictures were from six years ago. How much has she changed since then? Is she camera-shy because she has changed so much? I saw a picture of a girl and she was with another girl. Which one will I be dating? Or are they Siamese twins? Or is it an all or nothing situation? How about a picture when you are in the far distance. Oo-la-la, so sexy. Yeah right.
  • The profile name – I never give this any thought, but some crack me up: INeedAManNow or IWantABabyNow or NoMoreOneNightStands
  • The text – You can see a lot of humor here such as “If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen.” One of my favorites. Or the woman who says that she is not looking for anyone who plays the games and then ends of with “Good luck to us all. Let the games begin!”  Hmmm.

Until next time I will leave you with this thought:

Dating sites


Lawrence Fisher

Lawrence is a social media enthusiast and a blogger who loves writing about dating and promoting other authors. He is also a programmer with many years of experience. Check out his book and you will laugh. Do keep in touch with him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter and on Google+. You can email him at

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  • Anita

    I have never used a dating site, I have many friends who do. I love Maxine and the analogy that people aren’t the same in real life as they seem in pictures. I think that holds true online in general across many social platforms. People really need to be themselves, and be ok with it :)

    • Lawrence

      It is often easier to write things than to say things. Introverts suddenly become excellent bloggers

  • Elaine Shannon

    I have many friends who use dating sites and it is interesting the disconnect from the pictures to the actual person. You are right it is easy to become an extrovert behind the veil of the computer.

    • Lawrence

      Reminds me of a talkbacker who is constantly dissing people and when someone went to visit him, turned out that he was a teenager. You never really know who it is on the other end. I am Lawrence. Or am I?

  • Trinity

    I never used a dating site, but I do have friends who do. In fact, one of them was telling me about her frustrations last night. Great post, especially about the pictures.

    • Lawrence

      A picture paints a thousand words

  • Kelly

    Cheer up Lawrence. When I was a single mom, I went 6 years going on hundreds of dates with the goal of just getting to date #3 before I met my honey.

    As for online pictures, honesty really is the best policy people! If there is a ‘shock value’ when the person meets you and you don’t look like your picture, that sets the stage for mistrust – not a good foundation for any relationship!

    • Lawrence

      Cheer up? Saying that to the wrong person. I am one of those who never need cheering up. My motto “always look on the bright side of life”

  • Nisha

    Ah, I met my husband through match! I love hearing other people’s stories about online dating – it’s an experience like no other.

    As for photos, I always thought it was helpful when people had multiple photos, so you could get a better idea of the true person in different settings. Of course, I’ve seen people post multiple photos of the same exact pic, and multiple photos of different poses leaning against the same tree. Not helpful! :)

    • Lawrence

      It is amusing. Same picture different posed of me when I wasting


  • Jennifer

    Back when I was dating people would never admit it if they met someone online, now it seems like the only way to go. The picture thing makes me laugh. I would WAY rather have the person go “eww” while looking online than have him do it when he has the in person “sticker shock!”

    • Lawrence

      Anyone who says “eeews” while looking at you, needs their head examined.

  • Dale Anne Potter

    Never even went to a dating site nor have friends who have, so no clue about the goings on. You are braver than I would be Lawrence. GOOD LUCK!

    • Lawrence

      My first book was all about exploits and the sequel is as well

      Not a question of brave but more a question of no choice

  • Walker Thornton

    hi Lawrence,
    I’m also (slowly) writing my story about online dating. I totally agree about the photos. I am constantly amazed by the pics some men put out there. My favorite-the guy who poses shirtless…often in front of the bathroom mirror, smartphone in hand!
    I look forward to reading more.

    • Lawrence

      I have a whole book about dating and the second on the way. You have never read a book like mine.

      Stay tuned

  • Martin Cooney @GeekandJock

    Welcome to today’s woman, Lawence.
    I’m 53 y/o and went through similar and interesting imes as you. Though I ended up finding the best dating successes with, of all things, Facebook.
    So good in fact, that that is where I meet my present wife. That said, that whole dating site scene was a bit of a sham, if you ask me.

    I wish you all the very best of luck in the future and find what it is you seek. Good luck, mate.

    • Lawrence

      Not worried. Dating is fun!

  • Dating site

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    • Lawrence

      thanks for stopping by

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